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WOMY is headquartered in Zevenbergen, The Netherlands.

This location's campus includes WOMY'S corporate offices and grounds for hundreds of busses and heavy equipment. Also on site is WOMY'S own mechanical bay facilities for all service and repair work.
  • We believe our strategic partnerships are foundational to our success
  • We believe a commitment to service means keeping clients
  • We believe in excellence that exceeds our clients expectations
  • We believe emerging markets are worth the investment
  • We believe strong relationships are better than strong contracts
  • We believe none of these are possible without the commitment of our           most important asset…our employees and partners.

    Further distinguishing WOMY is our ability to service emerging markets where our competitors have been unwilling to take risks. These are just a few assets that have separated WOMY from the competition.

    From the beginning, we have believed that our most important asset was the people we employ. We have assembled a well trained international staff to serve our client base. Operating on a worldwide scale requires different language skill sets and a commitment to technology and training.

    Haven M511, Port of Moerdijk, Mark S. Clarkelaan 11
    4761 RK Zevenbergen
    Phone: +31168331733
    Fax: +31168331734
    Email: info@womy.nl
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