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For Sale 4994-mercedes-citaro-o530g-2003-green-1.jpg

Mercedes-Benz Citaro O530G (2004) 6 Units

Mileage:900000 km
Emission classEuro 3
Price€ 14.500
For Sale 4783-mercedes-o405g-expected-1.jpg

Mercedes-Benz Citaro O405G

Mileage:779508 km
Emission classEuro 0
Price€ 5.950
For Sale 4640-citraro-o530g-2005-1.jpg

Mercedes-Benz Citaro O530G (2005) euro 5

Mileage:669196 km
Emission classEuro 5
Price€ 32.950
For Sale 3062-mercedes-o530-citaro-g-2003-21.jpg

Mercedes-Benz Citaro O530G (2003) 25 Units

Mileage:236.800 km
Emission classEuro 3
PriceUpon request
For Sale 2838-van-hool-agg300-1.jpg

Van Hool AGG300 (2002)

Mileage:448.747 km
Emission classEuro 3
PriceUpon request
For Sale 2075-img-1472.jpg

Volvo B10MG (1999)

Mileage:751.064 km
Emission classEuro 2
PriceUpon request
Sold 3895-volvo-b10mg-wit-1.jpg

Volvo B10MG (Sold)

Mileage:1046576 km
Emission classEuro 2
Price€ 13.950

20 years of experience in modifying used articulated buses

Used articulated buses are part of the product range of Womy Equipment Supply BV. Over the years Womy has gained a lot of experience preparing and modifying used articulated buses accordingly to the desired needs of a customer. In the process of executing these preparations and modifications, Womy is able to use its huge network that has been set-up throughout the years.

Flexible to your budget

Even though not all used articulated buses we offer do have functioning air-conditioning, we can arrange the repairmen, or even the instalment of new air-conditioning systems in your used articulated bus. If this is too expensive, we can offer other alternatives in making your customers travel as comfortable as possible.  

A product according to your special needs

With a garage that has the ability to maintain, fix and modify a used articulated bus, Womy is operating a lot of the general activities on its own. Nevertheless, in the case of need for uncommon desires, Womy will go the extra mile and make use of their comprehensive network of suppliers.

Multiply agreements with different brands

Over the years Womy has been involved in the execution of countless international tenders. These tenders vary accordingly per country, per region, per customer. In order to fulfil as many different needs as possible, Womy has multiple agreements amongst brands that are involved in the construction or modification of used articulated buses.

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